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Make informed decisions about the future of your business; such decisions start at the very beginning during the earliest start-up stages. Tashaa Technologies has extensive industry experience and knows exactly what is needed to help you make the right decisions. Often the founders of the Start-ups are not technology savvy. So we believe let the technology experts own the technology part and the founders concentrate more on the core of the offerings.   
Tashaa Technologies incorporates everything required by a start-up, via its START-UP Mentoring offering. We work with a Start-up through the entire lifecycle owning the technology part of the offering.
How can Tashaa Help?
  • Incubation/Start-up Handholding
  • Company Mission Assessment/Analysis
  • Research & Strategy Creation/Implementation
  • Routes to Customer Acquisition
  • Progress Monitoring & Tracking
  • Strategy Development
  • Technology

We are fully qualified to work closely with start-up founders & stakeholders regarding:

  • Idea Elaboration
  • Proof of Concept
  • Design, Build & Development of Platforms, Portals & Websites
  • Software Product Research & Planning
  • Software Product Strategy Implementation
  • Prototype Testing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Ongoing Support / Integration

And finally if Finance is your constraint we will help you find the right investor interested in investing in your industry vertical.



  • We were incubated in the CIIE-Indian Institute of Management - Ahmedabad (IIMA) program and were the final 8 selected amongst the 250 applicants. We hired Khushru Doctor as a mentor. He has a deep understanding of the Technology world. He was very enthusiastic in his involvement and was very hands-on. His advice very practical and came from years of experience. He has a no-nonsense approach to work and was very easy to get along. Our relation became progressively very strong and ultimately we offered Khushru to join the company. We now have Khushru working with us. An entirely pleasurable journey with Khushru and would definitely recommend him.
    Kaushal Mandalia - eCourseWiz