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Establish your own Offshore Development Centre(ODC) here in India and increase productivity for less. By launching an ODC you can alleviate your company’s workload significantly and gain more time to focus on developing your core business model. We will manage everything from recruitment, to development and tracking to ensure targets are being met in a productive working environment. We will replicate you here in India until you are in a position to go 100% independent. As soon as you are ready, we will facilitate your movement to your very own Offshore Development Centre (ODC).  


Characteristics of an ODC, include:


  • Dedicated Team – You own the team based on your exact requirements.
  • Facility to House your Brand – A fully functional facility that you can rent. Resources get the best place to work
  • Customised Technological Infrastructure – Technology purchased, installed and managed as per your requirements.
  • Tailored High-Security Policy – Security policy implemented as per requirements.
  • Training Programme – We will work closely with you to tailor training programs specifically for your needs and monitor and track the effectiveness of the trainings conducted.
  • Human Resources (HR) Programme – Shared HR services to manage your team.
  • Team Performance Management – We will oversee your team and ensure that they perform to the optimal performance.
  • Access to Shared Services – Services not needed regularly can be utilized on a need basis.  


Increase Productivity for Less

Local rates are far cheaper in India so it makes sense to outsource through a reliable organisation. For much less you can receive work of the highest quality, reduce infrastructure and labour costs, and produce results in a much faster turn-around time.